Frequently asked questions – FAQs

  • 1. What is a QR code?
    The abbreviation ‘QR’ stands for ‘quick response’. QR codes are linked to the barcode on product packaging and provide information on diverse topics. All current versions of iOS and Android smartphones have QR code readers integrated into their native camera apps. Alternatively, there are free QR code readers provided by third parties in all major app stores.
  • 2. What is the purpose of the ‘Check your product’ QR code and where do I find it?
    The ‘Check your product’ QR code can be found on the on the packaging of selected textile products. It provides ALDI SOUTH customers with the option to trace the entire supply chain for these products, from the country of origin of the cotton to the final production facility. We believe that transparency is an essential part of promoting corporate responsibility.
  • 3. How does the ALDI SOUTH Group assume responsibility throughout the supply chain?
    We assume responsibility throughout our supply chains by promoting sustainable cultivation and responsible use of the resources required for the manufacture of our products. Our Corporate Buying Policies include obligatory requirements concerning the procurement of resources used for our products and serve as a binding framework for our business partners. For further information on how we assume responsibility throughout our supply chains, please visit this website.